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With 15 years of experience, the Iyashi Dôme skincare device, combining technology and tradition, has become the benchmark for the quality of intense CARE and TREATMENT.
Iyashi Dôme is for women and men who want to deeply detoxify the body, in particular by eliminating heavy metals, to slim down, to regenerate their cells as anti-aging (body and face), and also in quest for excellent preparation and sports recovery.


Iyashi Dôme has surrounded itself with a committee of renowned experts to develop the best protocols and prove the effectiveness of the devices.


Iyashi Dôme detoxifies the organism in depth by increasing the elimination of toxic heavy metals such as Strontium, Barium, Nickel, Lead, Molybdenum, Tellurium, Chromium, Cobalt, Arsenic, Cadmium, Copper and Aluminum, with particular effectiveness on the latter.
Who says "detox" says toxin.
A treatment that deeply detoxifies, cleanses and rebalances the body, a precious help to boost your metabolism.

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Iyashi Dôme has benefits for the youth of the skin, in particular via cell regeneration.

A treatment which reduces wrinkles, which provides better skin density, smoother, firmer and more hydrated skin, and a brighter and more even complexion ... Iyashi Dôme helps to fight against aging of the skin of the face and body.

  • Face wrinkles -10%,

  • Face hydration + 47%,

  • Skin elasticity + 15%,

  • Dermis thickness + 39%…

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  • Deep relaxation , calm

  • Soothes nervous and muscle tension

  • Sports preparation,

  • Boosts metabolism,

  • Better jet lag recovery and improved sleep quality ,

  • Muscle recovery after exercise,

  • Find better sleep through “brain detox” ...

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  • Inter University Diploma in General Ultrasound and Applied to Emergency, Tours.

  • Capacity for geriatrics, University of Paris VII, dissertation "Nutrition for the elderly, anti-aging alternatives" 2009.

  • University diploma in dietetics and clinical and therapeutic nutrition, Bichat Hospital, Paris VII.

  • Dissertation "obesity: surgery and nutritional programs, a necessary complement".

  • Capacity of emergency medicine (CAMU), University Paris VII "Post-traumatic stress and acute coronary syndrome ST".

  • Qualification in general medicine and state diploma of doctor of medicine 2007.


Thanks to deep perspiration, following a single 30-minute Iyashi Dôme session, equivalent to a 20 km run, the user will lose up to 1500 ml, or on average 600 kilocalories eliminated.

A cure* that refines the silhouette, reduces the orange peel appearance and reduces water retention, effectively resulting in a loss of 1 to 2 clothing sizes and a loss of fat mass.



Calorie loss with infrared sauna

In 1990, the University of California, Berkeley titled its October letter "Infrared heat, calorie consumption and weight loss". The 1980s were the decade when there were the most aerobic and endurance training courses. However, there was something elitist in the way the exercises were prescribed: violent aerobic sessions to burn calories and thus increase the heart rate to a value between X and Y were more suitable for diligent students, relatively young and of good constitution. However, recent research shows that only 1,000 calories burned per week are enough to lose weight.

According to Guyton's manual of the journal Physiologie Médicale, one gram of sweat requires 0.586 kcal. The above quote from JAMA goes on to state that "a moderately trained person can easily lose 500 grams in a sauna by sweating, consuming almost 300 kcal - the equivalent of jogging for 3-5 km. A person with a trained heart can easily lose 600 to 800 kcal without any side effects. While the loss of water can be compensated for by rehydration, the calories consumed will not be. If the infrared sauna helps to produce 2 to 3 times more sweat than a conventional sauna, this implies that the increase in calorie consumption is quite impressive. Unlike the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna allows you to lose fat. The traditional sauna increases the lipogenic hormone prolactin too much.

The infrared sauna therefore plays a key role in weight control and cardiovascular training. This is valid for those who do not want or cannot exercise but who want an effective weight control program. However, the exercise / sauna combination gives more accentuated results.

Source: * Guyton's manual of the medical physiology journal "Cold and therapeutic heat", Justus F Lehmann, MD, A. Williams, A. Wilkin.

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